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Artwork by Caroline Walls & Anna Moller

A shoppable beach house in Kennebunk, Maine, featuring works by Uprise Art artists. Brooklyn-based creative agency An Aesthetic Pursuit renovated a historic home to bring art and design together under one roof.



  • Adrian Kay WongLos Angeles, CA

    Adrian Kay Wong (b. 1991) presents encapsulated moments that display a focused lens on the intimate, familiar, and human connection. Wong explores the interactions between negative space and figure, segmenting his surfaces with shapes that are collectively representational, but independently function as abstract forms. By exacting an extreme flatness that forces ground and figure on more equal planes, Wong also levels the attention between primary subject and contextual elements. The paintings are distinctively personal through the portrayal of narratives that are often sourced from his own adolescence. By investigating these sentimentalities with a deliberate and measured simplicity, Wong attempts to glorify the ordinary and reimagine the everyday. Wong was raised in the east San Francisco Bay area and now lives and works in Los Angeles, CA. He received his BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2013.

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  • Anna MollerStockholm, Sweden

    Anna Moller (b. 1977) is a Swedish-American photographer who captures dream-like, ethereal landscapes in the hopes of exploring her heritage. Moller crafts minimal compositions where the subjects and the space between the subjects themselves are of equal importance. The artist has been recognized by New York Photo Awards, International Photography Awards, American Photography, and PDN among other awards and her photographs have been exhibited internationally. She currently lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  • Ashely PeiferSt. Paul, MN

    Ashely Peifer (b.1986) is a St. Paul, Minnesota-based artist whose paintings and collages feature a recurring vocabulary of floating forms and vibrant colors. Drawn to unknowable mysteries on earth and in space, Ashely’s work is a commitment to exploring life's existential questions through paint. Despite the spontaneity of her arrangements, each individual element in Ashely’s work is purposefully organized, allowing each piece to function individually while existing harmoniously within the constellation of her practice as a whole.

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  • Caroline WallsMelbourne, Australia

    Caroline Walls (b. 1984) is a Melbourne, Australia-based artist working across a range of media, including painting, drawing, soft sculpture, and print-making. Focusing primarily on the female form, Caroline’s work abstracts the body into sinuous slopes and organic curves. Her spontaneous and intuitive linework reduces the figure to its essential marks, heightening the expressive power.

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  • Christian NguyenLos Angeles, CA

    Christian Nguyen (b. 1968) is a Los Angeles-based artist transforming architectural forms into symbols, color and light. Drawing from his complimentary practices as an installation artist and photographer, Christian’s paintings flatten and extend space creating a map-like image. Inspired by sources as diverse as Renaissance painting, to J.R.R. Tolkien and Paleolithic caves, his paintings evoke a personal yet open-ended narrative, allowing the viewer to bring their own experiences to their interpretation of the work.

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  • Inka BellHelsinki, Finland

    Inka Bell (b. 1981) is a Helsinki, Finland-based printmaker who uses minimal groupings of color and pattern to evoke specific states of being. Her palettes create visual narratives that are at once familiar yet foreign. Inka’s prints have the effect of making order out of disorder, giving form to our physical and abstract experiences.

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  • Joe GeisNashville, TN

    Joe Geis (b. 1987) is an artist, designer, and woodworker based in Nashville, TN. His work focuses on a balance and movement between line, shape, and negative space. His process is largely influenced by his background in graphic design and large-scale installation, working from digital tools to analogue executions.

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  • Kimmy QuillinBrooklyn, NY

    Kimmy Quillin (b. 1983) is a painter who draws from symbolic color and narrative in her abstractions. Her works are partially informed by her visual experience of the world unaided by corrective lenses - after she ran out of contacts in 2008, she discovered a preference for her less-than-20/20 vision of the world. This color field reality is reflected in her painting. Quillin lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

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  • Kristin TexeiraBrooklyn, NY

    Kristin Texeira (b. 1988) is a Brooklyn, New York-based artist who creates painted abstractions of her interactions with both persons and places. Culled from decades of journaling and sketching, Kristin’s paintings create a lexicon of carefully crafted forms with a finely attuned sensitivity to color and surface. Kristin captures memories through map-like geometries that serve to reflect and record the world around her.

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  • Laura BermanKansas City, MO

    Laura Berman (b. 1973) is a Kansas City, Missouri-based artist who creates images that layer time, space, form and color together. Inspired by the natural world, her work focuses on play, improvisation, and relational dynamics in her work. Laura Berman is a Professor at the Kansas City Art Institute, where she has taught in the Printmaking Department since 2002. She is a Founding Member of the Art Brand Alliance, author of the ongoing series of artist interviews, Reflections on Color and Printmaking, and together with her husband, she runs Prairieside Cottage and Outpost, a family-friendly artist’s retreat in the Flint Hills region of Matfield Green, Kansas.

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  • Ryan James MacFarlandBrooklyn, NY

    Ryan James MacFarland's (1985-2024) photographs address the intangible and transitory qualities of landscape. His images are born out of an overwhelming obsession with nature and its mechanics, notably Tide Study, a series capturing the moon above bodies of water before nightfall. Ryan’s compositions are usually devoid of human presence and are sometimes comprised of triptychs or pairings, or reproductions of the same image arranged in quadrants, forming a central diamond shape, suggesting the symmetry and patterns that exist in nature. His photographs reveal how he saw the natural world and attempted to break down the complex systems of nature to their base elements. Ryan received a BFA in Photography & Imaging from New York University in 2006, and his work has been exhibited internationally.

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  • Ward RobertsBrooklyn, NY

    Ward Roberts (b. 1986) is a photographer who offers a masterful study in composition and color. Capturing public spaces dedicated to outdoor sports and games, along with ethereal portraits, Ward creates composed images drawing on themes of finiteness, ephemerality, and loneliness. His muted, pastel images of deserted tennis and basketball courts reveal a tension between open spaces and graphic lines, while his faded, chiaroscuro portraits explore the duality of both the conception and constructed sense of self in modern society. At the core of the photographer's work is an exploration of isolation, and an interest in documenting how individuals have become emotionally detached through dependency on technology. Ward is based in NYC and has exhibited widely across the U.S. and abroad.

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Kennebunk, Maine

Kennebunk, ME


Sep 1, 2020