I often describe my colors as delicious and every day I try to create colors I'd like to eat.

Laura Berman

About the Artist


Laura Berman (b. 1973) is a Kansas City, Missouri-based artist who creates images that layer time, space, form and color together. Inspired by the natural world, her work focuses on play, improvisation, and relational dynamics in her work. Laura Berman is a Professor at the Kansas City Art Institute, where she has taught in the Printmaking Department since 2002. She is a Founding Member of the Art Brand Alliance, author of the ongoing series of artist interviews, Reflections on Color and Printmaking, and together with her husband, she runs Prairieside Cottage and Outpost, a family-friendly artist’s retreat in the Flint Hills region of Matfield Green, Kansas.

News and Notables
  • Artist-in-Residence at Art Print Residence, 2025

  • Fulbright Scholarship Recipient, 2024

  • Solo exhibition, Temporalities, Flatbread Press Gallery, Austin, TX 2022