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Choose from the best in original art

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A curated collection of original artwork, from works on paper to large-scale sculptures.

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All one-of-a-kind artwork, starting at $80. Your go-to source for affordable art.

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    Our team of advisors personally help you find the perfect artwork. Uprise also offers collectors the option to live with artwork while purchasing through monthly installments. Art collecting simplified.

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    Finding art should be play, not work. Learn the story behind our artists in the online gallery, or...

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    Uprise Art helps companies find the right artwork for their offices. We carefully curate artwork that improves...

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    We help you find unique artwork that complements your vision and fits your client’s budget. Whatever your...

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Art Fairs PULSE, Miami Beach

12/01/15 - 12/05/15

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Meet Visit with Heather Day

We visited the Oakland, CA studio of artist Heather Day.

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“Chelsea’s art scene is coming to a laptop near you” —TimeOut NY