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Choose from the best in original art

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A curated collection of original artwork, from works on paper to large-scale sculptures.

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All one-of-a-kind artwork, starting at $80. Your go-to source for affordable art.

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    Our team of advisors personally help you find the perfect artwork. Uprise also offers collectors the option to live with artwork while purchasing through monthly installments. Art collecting simplified.

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    Looking for original artwork? Discover new artists and one-of-a-kind artwork in our online gallery.

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    Improve your client experience and company culture with artwork that inspires. Uprise Art carefully curates...

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    We are the go-to art source for many trade professionals. We’ll help you find artwork to complement your...

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Exhibitions 'Drawn Lots', New York

07/28/17 - 08/05/17

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Inside the Studio Ashok on "Exacting Proportion"

Ashok Sinha shares his series "Exacting Proportion", which explores ideas of environment and community in landscape.

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“Chelsea’s art scene is coming to a laptop near you” —TimeOut NY