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Artworks by Karina Bania, CHIAOZZA, and Pilar Wiley in a wood-walled exhibition space at Uprise Art.

Exhibition Visit

Stop by the gallery and see the current exhibition. We're open Monday through Friday, 12-6pm or by appointment.

Hands with white gloves holding an abstract painting on paper by Paola Rodriguez Arias.

Private Viewing

Schedule a private viewing to see specific artists or artworks. Once you've connected with your dedicated art advisor to select pieces, you can view them in-person at the gallery.

What's on View

Ready for Pick-up

A room with a bean-shaped wood and stone table, orb light, abstract painting on a white wall, and wood chair.

Behind the Design

Uprise Art's gallery seamlessly blends work and play. Inspired by contemporary and historic moments in art, the space was designed by Office of Tangible Space.

From Our Community