Hand-carved paintings on wood panel of headless women in patterned dress by artist Carmen McNall.
Inside the Studio

Visit with Carmen McNall

Utilizing feminine archetypes, Carmen McNall's work tells fragments of intimate stories and moments in time, referencing perseverance, strength and personal power in times of struggle.
Artist Chloe Fields working on minimalist drawings in her studio.
Inside the Studio

Visit with Chloe Fields

Chloe Fields' newest series explores line and color in a series of diminutive works on paper.
Abstract, linear paintings of entangled figures by artist Lourenço Providência.
Inside the Studio

Visit with Lourenço Providência

Lourenço Providência’s newest works distill the human form into a series of simplified lines to investigate the harmony and dissonance of interpersonal relationships.
Artist Christina Watka working on porcelain pieces in her studio.
Inside the Studio

Visit with Christina Watka

Reflecting on the sensory aspects of her environment, Christina Watka's newest glazed porcelain wallworks capture the terroir of coastal Maine.