Artist Kate Roebuck arranging twigs and leaves on a piece of paper in her studio.
Inside the Studio

Visit with Kate Roebuck

Follow us inside Kate Roebuck's backyard studio oasis as she prepares for her two-person show Epode at Uprise Art.
Artist Vicki Sher standing in front of a grid of her abstract, colorful paintings pinned to a white wall in her studio.
Inside the Studio

Visit with Vicki Sher

Vicki Sher takes us inside her studio and walks us through her diverse process in preparation for her two-person show, Epode.
Artist Rachel Levit Ruiz wearing white gloves and smudging charcoal pastel on a drawing of flowers in clouds.
Inside the Studio

Visit with Rachel Levit Ruiz

Take a look inside Rachel Levit Ruiz' studio as she creates her new collection of pastel drawings for Art on Paper.
Artist Jackson Joyce wearing over the ear headphones and painting a still life work on paper installed on a white wall in his studio.
Inside the Studio

Visit with Jackson Joyce

Ahead of his exhibition at Art on Paper, we tour Jackson Joyce's Brooklyn studio for a look at his new series.