Black, green, yellow, and red painting of abstract figures by Eddie Perrote.

Eddie Perrote

In Eddie Perrote's paintings, figurative abstraction and graphic symbolism blend together to create a personal narrative that brings form to emotional and physical sensations.
Red, rust, and teal paintings of fruit stacked against a wall in the studio of Lourenço Providência.

Lourenço Providência

Lourenço Provîdencia portrays his subject's most essential qualities through minimalist paintings that value an economy of line and color.
The artist Ruben Castillo standing in his studio pulling a print from the plate on his press.

Ruben Castillo

Ruben Castillo's work explores the relationship between intimacy and identity, and how it manifests within everyday phenomena.
A close-up of Lucha Rodríguez's hands holding a utility knife and cutting away at a watercolor painting to create her signature knife drawings.

Lucha Rodríguez

Lucha Rodríguez's knife-cut drawings delicately incise precise patterns and geometric forms into watercolored paper.