Close-up of artist Sarah Sullivan Sherrod using a loom to create striped, handwoven textiles.

Sarah Sullivan Sherrod

Using a combination of handwoven textiles and acrylic paint, Sarah Sullivan Sherrod’s bold geometric works emphasize the basic yet powerful notion that everything is connected.
A close up of artist Nicole Anastas sewing beige thread through her monochromatic, neutral painting.

Nicole Anastas

Nicole Anastas creates topographic paintings that are often pulled apart and reassembled, leaving areas that are frayed, gritty, and scarred but also smooth, ornate, and beautiful.
Black, green, yellow, and red painting of abstract figures by Eddie Perrote.

Eddie Perrote

In Eddie Perrote's paintings, figurative abstraction and graphic symbolism blend together to create a personal narrative that brings form to emotional and physical sensations.
Red, rust, and teal paintings of fruit stacked against a wall in the studio of Lourenço Providência.

Lourenço Providência

Lourenço Provîdencia portrays his subject's most essential qualities through minimalist paintings that value an economy of line and color.