Artist Georgia Beaumont sitting on a stool in her studio, surrounded by her large botanical paintings.

Focus: Spring/Summer 2024

The Spring/Summer 2024 Focus Collection features artwork by Georgia Beaumont, Brittany Ferns, Arlina Cai, Lucia Rodriguez Perez, and Kostas Papakostas.

Artist Susan Simonini wearing an apron and painting within her white studio.

Susan Simonini

Through a tactile and layered paint surface, Susan Simonini creates abstract compositions that reference the agricultural landscape while questioning themes of place and belonging.
Artist J.C. Fontanive sitting on a stool in his studio surrounded by his large-scale abstract paintings.

J.C. Fontanive

Working across a range of media, J.C. Fontanive is interested in movement, cinema, and mechanics, both literally and metaphorically as an attempt to try to understand the designing force of nature and evolution through time.
Artist David Rhoads working on a watercolor painting in his small, but organized Brooklyn studio.

David Rhoads

David Rhoads catalogs observations, snapshots, and memories, into intimate watercolor paintings on repurposed Metropolitan Museum of Art letterhead.
Artist Anna Koeferl working in her studio.

Anna Koeferl

With a focus on the intersection of contemporary art and craft, Anna Koeferl reimagines the landscape of South Louisiana through interventions in paint, print, and paper.