Close-up of in progress prints by artist Laura Berman.

Laura Berman shows us around her Kansas City studio ahead of her inclusion in Contexture, a group exhibition at Uprise Art.

Pink paint on a relief monoprint by artist Laura Berman.
Yellow painted circle with a whole in its center by artist Laura Berman.
Colorful relief monoprint on paper by artist Laura Berman.

Laura’s Node and Port series focus on a central void, encircled with bands of monoprinted pigment that evoke the idea of a secure and protected space. Loosely concentric circles anchor and converse with the next, stacking and echoing in rhythm.

Line, shape, and form merge in this series of relief monoprints. While pointing to a central place of origin, each image is created through a two-dimensional stacking of lines and interrelated colors.

Laura Berman

Close-up of in progress prints by Laura Berman.
In progress relief monoprint with concentric, colorful circles by artist Laura Berman.
Printmaking press in artist Laura Berman's studio.

In Laura’s Locus series she reapportions pre-existing monoprints to create organic shapes that float within a vacant space. These new component pieces are nestled beside each other, eliciting a sense of community, with each element built from and supported by its relationship with those that surround it.

Monumentally slow and incremental movements create this series of large-scale, complex series of hand-built works on paper. In these works, each color, each tone, each cut, each line, and each area is built by hand and in relation to every other element within the image.

Laura Berman

Close-up of artwork by Laura Berman.
Close-up of in progress prints by Laura Berman.
Ink rollers in Laura Berman's studio.