On an ephemeral level, I would like to express the feeling of the monumental in my work.

Christian Nguyen

About the Artist


Christian Nguyen (b. 1968) is a Los Angeles-based artist transforming architectural forms into symbols, color and light. Drawing from his complimentary practices as an installation artist and photographer, Christian’s paintings flatten and extend space creating a map-like image. Inspired by sources as diverse as Renaissance painting, to J.R.R. Tolkien and Paleolithic caves, his paintings evoke a personal yet open-ended narrative, allowing the viewer to bring their own experiences to their interpretation of the work.

News and Notables
  • Solo exhibition, New Dawn Fades, at Court Tree Collective, 2019

  • Exhibited at The Art And Design Gallery, Fashion Institute of Technology, 2019

  • Profiled in Die Gestalten Verlad, 2006