I think you can't force creation, but you must constantly cultivate a positive mental environment for it to arise into.

Kimmy Quillin

About the Artist


Kimmy Quillin (b. 1983) is a painter who draws from symbolic color and narrative in her abstractions. Her works are partially informed by her visual experience of the world unaided by corrective lenses - after she ran out of contacts in 2008, she discovered a preference for her less-than-20/20 vision of the world. This color field reality is reflected in her painting. Quillin lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

News and Notables
  • Solo exhibition at Spite Haus, Philadelphia, PA 2020

  • Solo exhibition, Many Moons, Chinatown Soup, NYC, 2019

  • Exhibited at Spring Print Collection, West Elm, New York, NY 2019