Paintings by Bryce Anderson, Jocelyn Tsaih, Adrian Kay Wong, and Tyler Scheidt installed at Uprise Art for exhibition Keepsake.

Uprise Art is pleased to present Keepsake, a group exhibition including Adrian Kay Wong, Anastasia Greer, Blake Aaseby, Bryce Anderson, Bbblob, Chad Kouri, CHIAOZZA, Erik Barthels, Erin Zhao, Jocelyn Tsaih, Karina Bania, Laura Naples, Lourenço Providência, Senem Oezdogan, and Tyler Scheidt. In this exhibition, artists reflect on the concept of keepsakes and how an artwork can serve as a vessel to carry a message, memory, or metaphor from the creator.

Greer’s stitched silk works offer a moment of pause and meditative release. The patchwork pieces are sewn and stretched together, creating a playful confluence of gradients and geometric abstraction that suggest movement and transformation.

Similarly, Aaseby uses the rhythm and repetition inspired by the warp and weft of textiles to explore the connection between memory and mark making as a cartographic practice to navigate past and present moments. In his paintings, the interaction between drawn, carved, and absent marks assumes equal significance, allowing lines and patterns to intertwine, construct, and deconstruct.

In Anderson’s works, what is missing is also as important as what is included. As the artist draws on popular culture and art history, his paintings are a conversation investigating how the object of the painting and the pretense of the painted image can exist alongside one another.

Mining personal paper ephemera including mix tape marginalia, notes-to-self, faded letters and decades-old fanzines, Barthels recreates the faded palette of his paper source by applying diluted acrylic pigments over new paper, cutting, and re-collaging in a self-reflexive practice. The individual pieces are rearranged like puzzles, going through multiple iterations, resulting in balanced compositions that include unexpected elements of surprise - much like the experience of rediscovering bygone mementos.

Bbblob uses color and form to reconstruct memories into wooden dimensional objects that act as stand-ins for moments spent traveling and experiencing new environments. Contrasting rounded curves and strong rigid lines suggest an architectural grounding of both structures observed and structures imagined to contain the subjective experience of observation.

This same translation of form as a conduit for communication and sensory experience can be seen in Zhao, Bania, Oezdogan, and Naples’ work as well. Through the interplay of color, shape, and transparency, Zhao’s work straddles ambiguity and familiarity, creating unique visual vocabularies that invite experiential speculation and welcome recollection of seemingly forgotten memories.

Bania’s paintings feature layers of subtle texture, often incorporating traditional pigments and dyes in stains and washes. Focusing on harmony between spontaneity and intention, each discrete shape in her paintings provokes a conversation between visible and unseen landscapes.

Approaching the idea of keepsakes both conceptually and personally, these artists offer insight into the transaction, and evolving translations, of meaning and material as artwork passes hands.

Oezdogan’s paintings provide an illusory counterpoint, smooth gradients and subtle plumes of concentrated pigment play against a continuous drawn line that meanders across the painting’s surface. These paintings act as a keepsake of her residency in the Caribbean, capturing the manifestation of nature’s forces contrasted with the calm serenity of island seclusion.

In Naples’ paintings, swaths of biomorphic and aqueous pigment evoke the sense of a shared space - between subjects in a painting, between former and current selves, between artist and viewer. Within these dualities, the artist suggests the generative capacity for new and collective meaning.

Like Naples, Providência and Wong have also chosen the diptych format to underscore the coupled aspect of their compositions. In his newest paintings, Wong has bifurcated his compositions so that one portion exists as a separate addendum to the other. With this painting-logic, Wong’s languid scenes of stillness seem to extend beyond each canvas’ perimeter, calling to attention the environment in which they’re displayed and moments of pause that can be found outside the painting’s limits.

In Providência’s work, the artist has bound paired sets of his paintings together in a custom wood frame to further reinforce their co-dependent relationship. Providência’s minimalist ink paintings capture his subject's most essential qualities through an economy of line and color. In these works, Providência’s paintings recall images of the artist’s youth spent at the seaside in Portugal. The pairing of each painting acts as a poetic duet, each telling their own story and together creating a third and novel narrative.

A focus on dualities can also be seen in Tsaih’s work. Darkness and light, groundedness and buoyancy, levity and seriousness - these visual polarities offer insight into the artist’s own emotional processing, the careful consideration of each angle, vulnerability, and desire for self-preservation.

Kouri’s works respond to the theme of keepsake conceptually. Each titled "Your Title Here", once a collector purchases the work, they are able to title the work themselves, making a direct connection between the collector’s experience of the artwork, and the artist’s intended message. In this case, Kouri’s intent behind the paintings is for the collector to be able to memorialize the artwork as a celebratory symbol of a specific feeling, memory, or experience. Once titled, the artwork will be renamed in the artist’s inventory and permanently recorded in his artistic legacy.

Both Scheidt and CHIAOZZA’s works reflect on the elusive and captivating qualities of the natural world. Like peeping into the undergrowth of the forest floor, CHIAOZZA’s whimsical paper pulp sculptures embody the magic and mystery of nature’s sprouts and flourishes.

In Scheidt’s layered works, he abstracts organic elements of the landscape that nod to an ancient yet ever-evolving topography - an accumulation of history, experience, and the passage of time.

Approaching the idea of keepsakes both conceptually and personally, these artists offer insight into the transaction, and evolving translations, of meaning and material as artwork passes hands.

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  • Adam Frezza & Terri ChiaoBrooklyn, NY

    Adam Frezza (b. 1977) and Terri Chiao (b. 1981) are a collaborative artist duo based in Brooklyn, NY. Heavily invested in the spirit of play and experimentation, Adam and Terri create fantastical works of art that incorporate unusual textures and unexpected forms. Humor, color and pattern intersect to immerse the viewer in the artists’ world of wonderment.

    Artist Page
  • Adrian Kay WongLos Angeles, CA

    Adrian Kay Wong (b. 1991) presents encapsulated moments that display a focused lens on the intimate, familiar, and human connection. Wong explores the interactions between negative space and figure, segmenting his surfaces with shapes that are collectively representational, but independently function as abstract forms. By exacting an extreme flatness that forces ground and figure on more equal planes, Wong also levels the attention between primary subject and contextual elements. The paintings are distinctively personal through the portrayal of narratives that are often sourced from his own adolescence. By investigating these sentimentalities with a deliberate and measured simplicity, Wong attempts to glorify the ordinary and reimagine the everyday. Wong was raised in the east San Francisco Bay area and now lives and works in Los Angeles, CA. He received his BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2013.

    Artist Page
  • Anastasia GreerMarquette, MI

    Anastasia Greer (b. 1991) is an artist living and working in Marquette, MI. Anastasia takes a multimedia approach to painting through the incorporation of textiles which she hand prints and stretches. Eliciting a graphic representation of language, Anastasia’s work functions as a humorous and playful set of runes provoking curiosity and wonder.

    Artist Page
  • Bbblob Singapore

    Bbblob (pronounced blob) is the moniker of Singapore-based artist Jacelyn Zhen (b. 1993). Working across printmaking, painting, and sculpture, her vivid, geometric forms tesselate between each other, reflecting the relationship between ourselves and others. Bbblob’s works explore the rhythmic harmony of color and form and the transient quality of emotions.

    Artist Page
  • Blake AasebySan Francisco, CA

    Blake Aaseby (b.1991) is an artist living and working out of the San Francisco Bay Area. He received his MFA in Painting and Drawing from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and his BFA from Azusa Pacific University. Blake’s work is an attempt to understand and explore memory, location, and place through various forms of mapping and layered mark-making.

    Artist Page
  • Bryce AndersonVictoria, Australia

    Bryce Anderson’s practice explores the potential of images, using print, collage and painting to re-situate found material into new constellations. Anderson’s work appropriates images drawn from popular culture and art historical references to explore notions of authorship, chance, reproduction and the still life motif. By using this broad visual language, Anderson aims to push against the traditional divergence between figuration and abstraction, and understand what significance the act of painting still holds within contemporary art.

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  • Chad KouriChicago, IL

    Chad Kouri (b. 1985) is a Chicago, Illinois-based artist known for his intuitive, vibrant compositions that utilize the holistic properties of color and abstraction. His mixed-race identity is mirrored by his multidisciplinary studio practice, focusing broadly on visual art, music, and design while considering theories based in minimalism, color theory, semiotics, improvisation, and radical joy. Utilizing a wide range of skillsets and strategies, Kouri reminds us to stay curious and make time for play, rest, and introspection, enabling us more bandwidth for mutual aid and collective community care.

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  • Erik BarthelsMandeville, LA

    Erik Barthels (b. 1980) is a Mandeville, Louisiana-based painter creating colorful abstractions that harness the power of chance to explore color and form. Working primarily in watercolor and thin washes of acrylic, Erik uses a squeegee to spread thin washes of pigment across his paper to create fluid arches of organic pattern. Erik's languid compositions are occasionally obstructed by collage elements that supplant the subtle nuances of paint with hard-edged geometries.

    Artist Page
  • Erin ZhaoSan Francisco, CA

    Erin Zhao (b. 1991) is a multidisciplinary artist based in San Francisco, CA working in printmaking, painting, and installation. Rooted in her study of Eastern and Western Philosophy, Erin’s work explores the intangibility of perception through the physicality of her materials. Paying particular attention to the interaction of light and form, Erin uses transparency and abstraction to mimic the ethereal and elusive nature of human consciousness.

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  • Jocelyn TsaihBrooklyn, NY

    Jocelyn Tsaih (b. 1992) is a Taiwan-born, Shanghai-raised artist currently based in Brooklyn, NY. The focal aspect of her work is an amorphous figure originally created to represent the universal soul. Through her figurative-yet-abstract work, she strives to make sense of the human experience through her own perspective while hoping that others can simultaneously see themselves within it. The reflective nature of her work exists in parallel to her observations of our fundamental need for connection and communication - the back and forth, the give and take.

    Artist Page
  • Karina BaniaSan Diego, CA

    Based between San Diego, California and Baja, Mexico, Karina Bania is a mixed-media painter whose works relate to landscape and geography. Karina’s paintings feature pale hues and layers of subtle texture, often incorporating traditional pigments and dyes in stains and washes. Focusing on harmony between spontaneity and intention, each discrete shape in her paintings provokes a conversation between visible and unseen landscapes.

    Artist Page
  • Laura NaplesCleveland, OH

    Laura Naples (b. 1979) is an artist based in Hudson, Ohio. Laura's work explores the energy of wonder she perceives in the natural world and objects shaped by human hands. A former graphic designer, dancer, and calligraphy artist, Laura senses the subtleties of form, rhythm, and line. She applies diluted acrylic washes to canvas and paper, allowing water to diffuse pigments into gradient textures. Contrasts unfold across stances of surrender and intention as she layers gestural marks; then, accents alignments with linework. Laura cultivates rituals of meditation, movement, and self-inquiry that are fostered, infused, and embodied in her work.

    Artist Page
  • Lourenço ProvidênciaNew York, NY

    Lourenço Provîdencia portrays his subject's most essential qualities through minimalist paintings that value an economy of line and color.

    Artist Page
  • Senem OezdoganBrooklyn, New York

    Senem Oezdogan (b. 1980) is a Brooklyn-based mixed media artist whose works meditate on the visual phenomenon of optical illusions through color and form. Smooth gradients give a sense of volume to the bold shapes depicted in Senem’s work that are subsequently flattened by her illusionistic use of spatial composition. Her color palette is equally beguiling, disrupting foreground and background and constantly forcing the viewer to reorient their sense of perspective.

    Artist Page
  • Tyler ScheidtSan Francisco, CA

    Tyler Scheidt (b. 1988) is a San Francisco-based painter whose abstract works explore the relationship between objects, space, and the human experience. Tyler’s multilayered paintings evolve organically with dynamic ranges of texture, form, color, and collage. Working intuitively, Tyler’s paintings allude to plant life, horizon lines, and gradient light spectrums suspended within his illusionistic paint surface.

    Artist Page



Uprise Art

264 Canal Street, 4W

New York, NY


Nov 2, 2023-Dec 22, 2023


Opening ReceptionNov 2, 2023