Painting and drawing are my response to an overflow of wonder in moments and liminal spaces: pronounced and opaque, whispered and translucent.

Laura Naples

About the Artist

Artist Laura Naples.

Laura Naples (b. 1979) is an artist based in Hudson, Ohio. Laura's work explores the energy of wonder she perceives in the natural world and objects shaped by human hands. A former graphic designer, dancer, and calligraphy artist, Laura senses the subtleties of form, rhythm, and line. She applies diluted acrylic washes to canvas and paper, allowing water to diffuse pigments into gradient textures. Contrasts unfold across stances of surrender and intention as she layers gestural marks; then, accents alignments with linework. Laura cultivates rituals of meditation, movement, and self-inquiry that are fostered, infused, and embodied in her work.

News and Notables
  • Artist in Residence, MacArthur Place, Sonoma, California, 2022

  • Exhibited at Arden + White Gallery, New Canaan, Connecticut, 2022

  • Exhibited at Den Gallery, Kuwait City, Kuwait, 2021