I have always been interested in exploring and expressing the limbo feeling of being 'in between' because that's largely how I've felt my whole life as someone who?s caught in between multiple cultures and thus, contrasting values and beliefs.

Jocelyn Tsaih

About the Artist


Jocelyn Tsaih (b. 1992) is a Taiwan-born, Shanghai-raised artist currently based in Brooklyn, New York. The focal aspect of her work is an amorphous figure originally created to represent the universal soul. Through her figurative-yet-abstract work, she strives to make sense of the human experience through her own perspective while hoping that others can simultaneously see themselves within it. The reflective nature of her work exists in parallel to her observations of our fundamental need for connection and communication - the back and forth, the give and take.

News and Notables
  • Exhibited at Colour Your Soul, Universe Gallery, Hangzhou, 2022

  • Solo exhibition, Nowhere Else To Go But Within, Glass Rice, San Francisco, 2021

  • Exhibited at One by One, ABV Gallery, Atlanta, GA