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Multicolor modernism in Maine

Tucked away in coastal Maine, Pieces Home colorfully blends beach house with showroom. The team behind An Aesthetic Pursuit, a Brooklyn-based creative agency, renovated a historic home to bring art and design together under one roof. The two-story home acts as an incubator for new concepts from Pieces, like the U-shaped rainbow rug that weaves together the dining and living spaces, and a stage for emerging art from Uprise Art artists, such as Ashely Peifer, Kimmy Quillin, Luckey Remington, and more. Scroll through to discover the haven for design-minded vacationers.

Design by Pieces by An Aesthetic Pursuit | Photos by Claire Esparros

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Artwork by Ashley Peifer
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Artwork by Luckey Remington
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Artwork by Kimmy Quillin (left) & Anna Moller (right)
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Artwork by Kimmy Quillin
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Artwork by Adrian Kay Wong & Kimmy Quillin
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Artwork by Anna Moller
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Artwork by Ward Roberts
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Artwork by Ward Roberts
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Painting by Ashely Peifer
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Painting by Christian Nguyen
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Paintings by Christian Nguyen
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Artwork by Josie Stevenson (left) and Ryan James MacFarland (right)
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Painting by Dan Covert
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Painting by Dan Covert
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Painting by Britt Bass Turner
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Painting by Joe Geis
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