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Through bold forms and graphic use of color, artists Bbblob, Stacey Beach and Paulina Ho explore escapism, feminine identity, and the transitory quality of emotions.

Ho’s paintings depict a bare desert landscape in shades of ochre and rose, and moments of humor disrupt the escapist terrain through the presence of anthropomorphized cacti, rocks, and low-hanging clouds. With titles like It's Safe To Come Out and Surrender, Ho’s work draws attention to the importance of self-reflection in isolation as a tool to enhance intuition and learn to trust the unknown.

Beach’s monumentally-scaled textile works celebrate the marginalized traditions of crafting and decorative and folk arts, and their inextricable association with the maternal, the domestic, and the feminine. Composed of piece-sewn black cotton fabric on contrasting raw canvas, these works from Beach’s"Power Structures" series feature abstracted yet figurative forms that explore ideas of female representation, authority, and hierarchy.

Bbblob’s works on shaped canvas and wall-mounted low-relief woodcuts express harmony through the experience of color and form. Suggesting a sense of movement, fluid subtle shifts from fuchsia to coral balance dramatic transitions from electric green to violet. Abundant with vibrancy, Bbblob’s works mirror the perpetual evolution, and ever-changing temporal state, of emotions.

In Shapeshifter, Bbblob, Beach, and Ho develop a lexicon of shapes and symbols that serve to describe concepts and experiences that shift in their meaning as soon as their outlines come into focus. Through painting, sculpture, and textiles, these three artists employ a graphic sensibility to tackle these ephemeral qualities and translate them into bold images that speak with certainty and conviction.

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  • Paulina HoTaos, NM

    Paulina Ho (b. 1991) is a Taos, New Mexico-based artist who creates paintings that utilize caricature as a means for introspection. By exaggerating scale and color, Paulina immerses the viewer into her own fantastical world populated by inflated daisies, flattened faces and a typographers’ appreciation for form. At the intersection of comedy and tragedy, Paulina’s work captures a variety of emotions both personal and universal.

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  • Stacey BeachBerkeley, CA

    Stacey Beach (b.1977) is a Californian artist who creates two-dimensional sewn textile works that explore form and composition as well as the material itself in its relation to feminine identity. Inspired by the anonymous histories of female textile artists, the decorative arts and American folk art, Beach’s work explores concepts of beauty and anti-beauty, high and low, form and void, the domestic and the feminine.

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  • Bbblob Singapore

    Bbblob (pronounced blob) is the moniker of Singapore-based artist Jacelyn Zhen (b. 1993). Working across printmaking, painting, and sculpture, her vivid, geometric forms tesselate between each other, reflecting the relationship between ourselves and others. Bbblob’s works explore the rhythmic harmony of color and form and the transient quality of emotions.

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Uprise Art at 264 Canal Street #4W, New York


Apr 21, 2022-May 19, 2022