I am constantly in conflict between my loose art and structured design brain, but the design side adds refinement to my fine art with sharper, clean line work.

Paulina Ho

About the Artist


Paulina Ho (b. 1991) is a Taos, New Mexico-based artist who creates paintings that utilize caricature as a means for introspection. By exaggerating scale and color, Paulina immerses the viewer into her own fantastical world populated by inflated daisies, flattened faces and a typographers’ appreciation for form. At the intersection of comedy and tragedy, Paulina’s work captures a variety of emotions both personal and universal.

News and Notables
  • Published in Pictoplasma, Character Portraits, 2020

  • Profiled in Art Zealous, 2019

  • Exhibited at Bright Trade Show, 2018