I began quilting as a creative side project to my painting practice. What I found was a language I felt as my own; a connection to what women have done before me in history: create with textiles, works that were never considered for recognition.

Stacey Beach

About the Artist


Stacey Beach (b.1977) is a Californian artist who creates two-dimensional sewn textile works that explore form and composition as well as the material itself in its relation to feminine identity. Inspired by the anonymous histories of female textile artists, the decorative arts and American folk art, Beach’s work explores concepts of beauty and anti-beauty, high and low, form and void, the domestic and the feminine.

News and Notables
  • Exhibited at Kala Art Institute, 2022

  • Finalist for The Hopper Prize, 2020

  • Profiled by Create! Magazine, 2019