A corner of Roche's studio with four floral paintings.

We go behind the scenes with Roche as they prepare for Tending Mass, a two-person exhibition with Angel Oloshove. Roche's newest collection of oil paintings and digitally rendered pigment prints explore the interdependence of plant life through the illustration of speculative hyperorganisms and observed botanical structures.

A corner of Roche's studio with four floral paintings.
Artist Roche working on a large, abstract painting in their studio.

Hyperorganism is the exposure scene, presenting all our characters. In Hyperorganism we observe the interdependence of one organism for another.


Roche's sun-filled studio, featuring works in progress leaned against the wall.
An abstract pink floral painting by Roche leaning against a balcony railing.

In Tending Mass, Roche draws on the sentient quality of the natural world’s self-maintained order to discuss themes of bonding, support, compassion, and community that extend beyond the Plantae kingdom. Her work asks: what does it mean to live together and how might we create our own structures of support and meaningful connection? How can we come together to function as a collective superorganism?

Abstract floral prints by Roche coming off the press.
An abstract floral print framed in white by Roche.

Roche's work builds a bridge between virtual and physical realities, exploring what lies at the crossroad of opposite worlds, states, and energies.