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In their two-person exhibition, Tending Mass, artists Angel Oloshove and Roche evoke the transcendental qualities of the world around us - giving form to the intangible and invisible.

Roche creates fantastical botanical dreamscapes that look at the world through an enchanted lens. In their works, vivid verdant tendrils curl into leaves and blooms, and wisps of petals are articulated through thin washes of pigment. Incorporating painting as well as digitally constructed images, Roche explores the interdependence of plant life through the illustration of speculative hyperorganisms and observed botanical structures. Roche draws on the sentient quality of the natural world’s self-maintained order to discuss themes of bonding, support, compassion, and community that extend beyond the Plantae kingdom. Roche’s work asks, "What does it mean to live together and how might we create our own structures of support and meaningful connection? How can we come together to function as a collective superorganism?"

Spectral gradients of color undulate across the ceramic surface of Oloshove’s biomorphic sculptures to evoke a vaporous weightless quality. As if pulled from thin air, Oloshove’s visually buoyant sculptures appear to both contain and project light from an inner illumination. These humanoid forms feel as if the atmosphere has settled, like condensation from a fog - revealing what has always existed but has only been made visible to the eye by a shared material or forcefield around them. Like Roche, Oloshove’s sculptures echo a primordial genesis that nods to the invisible systems of complex organisms operating in an interconnected network.

In Tending Mass, Oloshove and Roche explore the cultivation of community and togetherness through visionary and chimeric works of art. Together, their works imagine the futurity of humanity with an emphasis on collective connection and care.

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  • Marseille, France

    Roche (b. 1991) is a multidisciplinary artist based in Marseille, France. Their practice spans animation to sculpture and draws inspiration from different media and materiality, whether two or three dimensions, moving images or stills, and the connections between. Roche's work builds a bridge between virtual and physical realities, exploring what lies at the crossroad of opposite worlds, states, and energies.

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  • Angel OloshoveHouston, TX

    Angel Oloshove (b. 1981) creates work that often experiments with painterly materiality, using atomized glazes to achieve surprising form and color. Her sculptural ceramics balance the priorities of functional, designed pottery against more transcendental qualities. Angel's works call to mind a range of visual phenomenon such as the prismatic sheen on a gasoline puddle, the incandescence of opals, mirages and rainbows.

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Uprise Art

264 Canal Street #4W

New York, NY


Jul 7, 2022-Aug 12, 2022