Large, abstract textile work made from yarn by artist Paola Rodriguez installed above a bed with white sheets and headboard with carved out circles.
Paola Rodriguez Arias

In this renovated 1980’s East Hampton home, our friends at Office of Tangible Space blend form and function through custom furnishings with a postmodern flair. An extension of the architecture itself, soft curves and contours move throughout the home to create an organic oasis complete with artwork by Bo Kim, Fitzhugh Karol, Carla Weeks, and Paola Rodriguez Arias.

A kitchen with white cabinets and grey countertops.
A wooden dining table and chairs in a dining room.
Paintings by Bo Kim and Carla Weeks, and a sculpture by Fitzhugh Karol installed in a living room.
Bo Kim

For the refurbishment of the 1980s property, Kelley Perumbeti and her partner Michael Yarinsky chose to double down on the postmodern application of pastiche iconographic signifiers. Much of this subtle but potent intervention was achieved through the introduction of custom furnishings on view throughout the home.

AN Interior

A wooden bookshelf with a painting by Bo Kim hung above. A small blue sculpture by Fitzhugh Karol sits on the bookshelf.
Fitzhugh Karol & Bo Kim
A stack of bowls on a wooden bookshelf.
Small, abstract blue painting with geometric shapes by artist Carla Weeks leaning on modern wooden bookshelves.
Carla Weeks

In order to create an experience that was warm and inviting, a new language was introduced that we loosely termed 'soft brutalism'. Soft Brutalism might be defined as the use of strong, bold material and form while always referencing the approachability, scale, and tactility of human interactions.

Michael Yarinsky and Kelley Perumbeti, Office of Tangible Space

A small, blue painting by Carla Weeks on a wooden bookshelf.
Carla Weeks
A dark green couch in a living room.
A wooden staircase.

The design of custom furnishings and millwork like a wooden dining table, living room shelving, headboards and handrails are meant to feel grand and heavy, but also organic enough to encourage human touch. The curves ask to be handled.

Michael Yarinsky and Kelley Perumbeti, Office of Tangible Space

Artwork by Paola Rodriguez Arias above a bed with a wooden headboard.
Paola Rodriguez Arias
Artwork by Paola Rodriguez Arias above a wooden headboard.
Paola Rodriguez Arias
A yellow vase and a clock on a shelf.

Photos by Charlie Schuck