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I wouldn't say I decide which arrangements are suited for the method or medium. It's more about what feeling am I trying to achieve at the time and which method will get me there.

Fitzhugh Karol

About the Artist


Fitzhugh Karol (b. 1982) is a Brooklyn, New York-based sculptor whose work ranges from large scale outdoor installations to intimate tabletop adornments. Working in metal, wood and ceramic, Fitzhugh’s sculptures mix angular and organic geometries inspired by real and fabricated archaeological records, music, childhood and minimalism. Fitzhugh’s sculptures activate the space they inhabit whether they are installed in a natural landscape or positioned on a shelf at home.

News and Notables
  • Exhibited at Sculpture By the Sea, 2022

  • Solo exhibition at Bethany Arts Community, 2021

  • Recipient of The Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge Commission, 2020