• Exhibitions
  • Make Arrangements
  • 05/25/21 - 06/09/21

This exhibition explores the meditative act of arranging and composing. In a time where we are all spending increased time in our homes, people have recently reconsidered and rediscovered the objects surrounding them and, through the act of arranging, found comfort in being able to direct their environment. Artists Adam Frezza & Terri Chiao, Pilar Wiley, Fitzhugh Karol, and Karina Bania create works that examine objects and their ability to move us as we move them. Throughout the duration of this show, the artworks will be rearranged, creating new relationships and highlighting the shifting meaning and importance imbued in their forms. Similar to a Japanese rock garden, this evolution of the exhibition is a contained experience rather than a linear one, adapting and reflecting within the defined space, in pursuit of an enigmatic sense of natural order and control.