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I think what I am sometimes subconsciously trying to do in my work is explore the various versions of the colors and shapes that I've experienced in a place. Through pattern I can show multiple moments of a memory in one image.

Carla Weeks

About the Artist


Carla Weeks (b. 1985) is an Arrowsic, Maine-based artist using abstraction to articulate the subtleties and nuance of sensory memory. In Carla’s work, color, line, and form function as glyphs to navigate through the physical and emotional experience of place. Carla’s quiet reflections on the immateriality of memory are a testament to her commitment to careful looking, feeling and existing within the present moment.

News and Notables
  • Upcoming solo exhibition at Northern Daughters, 2023

  • Solo exhibition, Stained Glass Studies, Room 68, 2022

  • Artist in Residence, Fabric Workshop and Museum, 2019