Artist Brooke Holm arranging proofs of her new photographic series on the wall of her studio.

Ahead of her exhibition at SCOPE Miami Beach, Brooke Holm revisits her Mineral Matter series with new images that explore Iceland's two largest glacial rivers. Shot aerially from a small aircraft, Brooke's Mineral Matter II series evokes the simultaneous reverence and exploitation enacted on the earth by its human inhabitants. Traversing the south-west coast of Iceland, Brooke's microcosmic impressions of the landscape draw attention to the intrinsic connection between humans and nature through her sublime large-scale photography.


"My work observes the celestial and anatomical body of the Earth through large-scale photography, video and sound. Creating detailed environmental portraits of its elemental features, I focus on the physical body of the Earth, often treated by humankind as we treat any body, with opposing practices of reverence and exploitation."

Brooke Holm


"Through these microcosmic studies, it becomes evident that everything is intrinsically connected, 'Nature' being an all-encompassing organism to which Humans are deeply entwined. I created these works as a follow up to my original series Mineral Matter, focusing in on Iceland's two largest glacial rivers on the south-west coast. From above, painterly interfolds of watery texture and vibrant spattering sediment create graphic compositions only visible from the sky. The glacial rivers are ever shifting, dynamic and ephemeral, depositing into the Atlantic where fresh water meets salt water."

Brooke Holm