My work is an evolving study of the relationship between humans and nature, and how we affect each other. My study of landscapes in photography directly relates to the personal connection I have with nature.

Brooke Holm

About the Artist


Brooke Holm (b. 1987) is an Australian/American photographer working across editorial, commercial and fine art projects. Brooke’s aesthetic and photographic sensibility has sparked interest from many corners of the world. This, combined with her instinctual love for nature, travel and the desire to question the way things are, has largely contributed to her fine art practice and its constant evolution. While not shooting landscapes around the world, Brooke lives and works in New York City where she continues to collaborate with likeminded creative on still life, architectural, and design projects.

News and Notables
  • Rogers Art Loft Artist in Residence, 2022

  • Award Recipient, The Independent Photographer, 2022

  • Solo exhibition, Ephemera, Sage Culture, 2021