SCOPE Miami (2a-3)

For SCOPE Miami 2022, Uprise Art presents a three-person booth featuring works by Arielle Zamora, Brooke Holm, and Paola Rodriguez Arias.




  • Arielle ZamoraPortland, OR

    Arielle Zamora (b.1990) is Portland Oregon-based painter and printmaker who creates paintings through a labor-intensive process of layering joint compound and paint. Reacting to the geometry of their substrate, Arielle carves a variety of lines into the surface to reveal subtle shifts in color and line weight, while repeating and manipulating shapes and forms that recur throughout all of their work. Chance imperfections humanize their abstractions and invite a scavenger hunt-like engagement with the work.

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  • Brooke HolmBrooklyn, NY

    Brooke Holm (b. 1987) is an Australian/American photographer working across editorial, commercial and fine art projects. Brooke’s aesthetic and photographic sensibility has sparked interest from many corners of the world. This, combined with her instinctual love for nature, travel and the desire to question the way things are, has largely contributed to her fine art practice and its constant evolution. While not shooting landscapes around the world, Brooke lives and works in New York City where she continues to collaborate with likeminded creative on still life, architectural, and design projects.

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  • Paola Rodriguez AriasGeneva, Switzerland

    Paola Rodriguez Arias (b. 1975) is a visual artist and designer based in Geneva, Switzerland. With a background in fashion, jewelry and ceramic design, Paola’s inspiration for her current textile-based works are informed by her upbringing in Colombia and its rich tradition of handicraft. Paola creates her work through a meticulous process of coiling yarn onto panels to create symbolic compositions that incorporate references to found objects, figures and the natural landscape. Though the meditative act of constructing her compositions, Paola’s work is inherently contemplative, allowing her to imbue the work with votive-like meaning.

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