Artist Vicki Sher standing in front of a grid of her abstract, colorful paintings pinned to a white wall in her studio.

Vicki Sher takes us inside her studio and walks us through her diverse process in preparation for her two-person show, Epode.

Framed paintings and a colorful, tabletop sculpture by artist Vicki Sher in her studio.
Vicki Sher using an oil pastel to create a teal, abstract drawing on drafting film.
Vicki Sher using a pencil to draw lines on a teal, abstract artwork.

In Vicki's drawings on drafting film, her omnipresent petal and halfmoon shapes teeter in groundless space. She works the oil pastel into the surface of the drafting film, lending a velvety sheen to the finished work that contrasts the semi-transparent frosted mylar.

I think of this work in terms of dual aims and purposes. It is both formal and playful, representational and abstract, serious and humorous, beautiful and odd.

Vicki Sher

Piles of oil pastels and bottles of paint on a table in artist Vicki Sher's studio.
Large, abstract colorful paintings by artist Vicki Sher leaning against a white wall in her studio.
Artist Vicki Sher sitting in a blue chair in her studio surrounded by her drawings, looking at her dog rolling on the floor.

Vicki's aluminum sculptures are painted using an industrial automotive paint, encasing the metal forms in a glossy candy-toned lacquer. The petal-like forms that pile atop each other feel buoyant in their suspended animation, transcending the heft and gravity of the sculpture’s raw materials.

In my work, I celebrate nature and explore how art is actually its opposite. Art is manmade and artificial in its materiality, yet also natural as a human instinct.

Vicki Sher

Artist Vicki Sher standing next to a pile of colorful, aluminum sculpture pieces.
Three tabletop sculpture and one large colorful painting by artist Vicki Sher on display in her studio.
Oversized, aluminum sculpture by artist Vicki Sher outside in a grassy field next to a white barn.