Reducing imagery to shapes creates a new language. The endless possibility of these colorful building blocks has introduced more play into my studio practice. Although a quiet, deadpan sensibility still thrives, there is a new voice - singing, in vibrant color, and giving emphasis to joy and beauty.

Vicki Sher

About the Artist


Vicki Sher (b.1966) is a Brooklyn-based artist. In her drawings, paintings, and sculptures, she crafts delicately balanced towers and patterns of half-moons, squares and rectangles. Her intuitive yet deliberate demarcation of space in vivid oil pastel and acrylic, and her stacked geometric compositions, allude to map-like systems derived from a personal symbology and narratives.

News and Notables
  • Two-person exhibition, Groundswell, at the Beatrice M. Haggerty Art Gallery, University of Dallas, 2021

  • Solo exhibition, Beside Myself at Tayloe Piggott Gallery, 2020

  • Resident Fellow, Virginia Center for Creative Arts, 2017