Artist Kate Roebuck arranging twigs and leaves on a piece of paper in her studio.

Follow us inside Kate Roebuck's backyard studio oasis as she prepares for her two-person show Epode at Uprise Art.

Multiple paintings by artist Kate Roebuck, some with eye motifs and some with stars, laid out on a table in her studio.
Two purple paintings with cherries by artist Kate Roebuck next to each other on a table in her studio.
Rolled up watercolor and ink drawings by artist Kate Roebuck.

In Kate’s work, the relationship between each form and the negotiation of space becomes a psychologically charged metaphor for identity, self-exploration, and the ways we navigate the world around us.

I'm interested in the way leaves and plant shapes interact with each other. Layered or flattened-- they become amorphic.

Kate Roebuck

Four, small green paintings of botanicals by artist Kate Roebuck.
Small watercolor painting of a green flower by artist Kate Roebuck.
Artist Kate Roebuck in her studio next to two piles of her watercolor paintings on paper.

Though graphic in their silhouette, Kate's paintings contain a graceful fluidity. Pools of watercolor bloom and puddle, creating a ghostly shadow that flows under and around her organic forms. The bounding lines that define each shape fluctuate with the artist’s hand, adding another dimension of movement and character, and playing between the handmade paper’s deckle and the canvas’ rigid edge.

Focusing within the tradition of the still-life, I like to reinvent them in a graphic, modern way.

Kate Roebuck

Two botanical paintings, one dark green and one bright pink, by artist Kate Roebuck.
A red painting with a bouquet of flowers in a green vase by artist Kate Roebuck pinned to a white wall in her studio.
Artist Kate Roebuck holding up a brown, abstract painting in front of a full-length mirror in her studio.