I view my work as a synthesis of the world around me. I use the classical themes of color and line to create open-ended visual dialogue and to shed light on the ever-evolving relationship between the creator and the created.

Kate Roebuck

About the Artist


Influenced by her background in textile design, artist Kate Roebuck (b. 1985) finds inspiration in form, pattern, color, and texture. Distilling various botanical forms into simplified shapes, Kate’s ink drawings have a playful, pictographic tone. Her linework contains an organic fluctuation, offering a mischievous interplay between the handmade and the naturally occurring.

News and Notables
  • Exhibited at Zeitgist Gallery, Nashville, TN, 2021

  • Exhibited at Venice Art Walk, Venice Beach, CA, 2019

  • Exhibted at E! Fashion Studio, New York, NY, 2019