Minimalist, blue and grey paintings with grids of circles by artist Carla Weeks installed on a white wall in her studio.

In Carla Weeks' work, color, line, and form function as glyphs to navigate through the physical and emotional experience of place.

Geometric blue painting with a grid of squares overlaid with circles by artist Carla Weeks.
Blue and grey paintings with recurring geometric patterns by artist Carla Weeks installed on a white wall in her studio.
Three minimalist paintings with geometric grids by artist Carla Weeks installed on a white wall.

In Carla’s oil paintings on linen created for Mapping the Margin, recurring geometric patterns create a peaceful predictability that mimics the persistent progression of day and night.

These paintings examine the grid as a record of passing time. Almost calendar-like in their order, the floating grids evoke rhythm and routine, introducing familiar patterns with subtle variations. Layers of transparent color meld with vaporous texture to comment on the fleeting and predictable cadence of days and nights.

Carla Weeks

Grey oil painting on linen with a grid of repeating blue rectangles and circles by artist Carla Weeks.
Minimalist, blue and grey oil paintings of different sizes installed on a white wall in artist Carla Weeks' studio.
An easel with a small blue painting by artist Carla Weeks inside of her studio.

In this work, Carla creates a series of radiant monochromes with highly attuned color specificity that offer an atmospheric counterpoint to her geometric abstractions.

These tiny works are formal experiments - challenging my understanding of color and color relationships. While maintaining a limited shape vocabulary, I have utilized new palettes that prompt me to question how color operates within my work and to focus on expanding my understanding of the oil medium.

Carla Weeks

Artist Carla Weeks inside her studio in front of a grid of her small monochrome paintings.
An aerial view at artist Carla Week's table with a small red painting, tools, and fragments of wood.
Easels and paintings installed on the wall within artist Carla Weeks' studio.

In her meditative painting practice, Carla finds balance and creates calm through color and form.

As someone who works with color instinctually, I thought it important to challenge which colors I use and why. These pieces have a vibrancy that I’ve shied away from in the past.

Carla Weeks

A grid of nine, small monochrome paintings by artist Carla Weeks installed on a white wall in her studio.
A grid of four small yellow paintings by artist Fitzhugh Karol.
A close-up of a minimalist yellow painting by artist Carla Weeks.