Artist Laura Naples standing in her studio surrounded by her diptych paintings.

Laura Naples shares the inspiration behind Channeled, her newest body of work.

Artist Laura Naples holding monochrome black paintings in her studio.
In-progress acrylic wash paintinngs on the floor in artist Laura Naples studio.
Small canvas blocks in black, beige, and pink by artist Laura Naples.

In Laura's Channeled series, the artist embeds small canvas blocks between two larger canvases, punctuating the works like gemstones and offering a tactile and visual contrast to the surrounding space.

For this series, I embedded small, 6 x 4 inch canvas blocks between larger diptychs that were inspired by a recent trip to Lecce, Italy. An intentional grid composition emerged – using a decidedly analog process of picking up, putting down, and rearranging components – with an emphasis on physical movement and playful discovery.

Laura Naples

In-progress acrylic wash diptychs on the floor in artist Laura Naples' studio.
Artist Laura Naples holding up a pink, acrylic wash diptych against a white wall in her studio.
Diptychs with inlaid canvas blocks installed on a white wall in artist Laura Naples' studio.

Similar to inclusions in diamonds, the irregularities, and supposed flaws are identifying markers that underscore the specific series of events, such as the environment, confluence of materials, and asserted pressure, that created each unique work.

The tiny, textured inclusions punctuated the works like gemstones, channel-set into the composition’s organized framework with both chance and deliberation. While it seemed like endless combinations were possible, I sensed a settled-in feeling when I intuited where each part belonged.

Laura Naples

Artist Laura Naples holding a book on 'Puglia' in front of her in-progress paintings.
Black and gray diptychs by artist Laura Naples installed on a white wall in her studio above a black wooden stool.
Artist Laura Naples sitting on a stool below her two acrylic wash diptych paintings.