Inside the Studio

Visit with Tony Sjöman

We stop by the Tribeca studio of Tony Sjöman to see how the mural painter translates his style to a more intimate scale.

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“Painting has always been my creative outlet. I started writing graffiti when I was nine years old, but it wasn’t until I moved to New York that I really found my direction.”

— Tony Sjöman

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“My sketching process is usually improvised and intuitive. Colors come in very late in the process and it took me years to refine my signature monochromatic color palette. ”

— Tony Sjöman

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“When first moving to New York I couldn’t afford a studio and painted on the kitchen floor and on the rooftop of our apartment building, until the landlord locked it.”

— Tony Sjöman

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“I’ve worked with copper paint since the 90’s. It’s a homage to my father, who worked as a welder in the harbour of Gothenburg, Sweden. He was very artistic and he used to weld copper lanterns and other cool items.”

— Tony Sjöman

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