I always do the opposite of what I initially find as the next logical step in my work. If I get too comfortable, it's a warning and means it's time to go the opposite route to what I was planning.

Tony Sjöman

About the Artist


Manhattan-based artist Tony Sjöman (b.1975) draws inspiration from his Scandinavian heritage by incorporating complex geometric patterns into his murals, silkscreens, paintings. Tony’s use of clean lines and a muted palette echo the highrise silhouettes of the urban landscape, reflecting and abstracting the world around him. Tony’s murals can be seen adorning a broad array of walls in New York City and worldwide, from restaurants and hotels to private residences and office buildings.

News and Notables
  • Mural commissioned by Google, Chelsea office, 2022

  • Solo exhibition, Dome Dossier, Hanaholmen Gallery, 2021

  • Exhibited at Hashimoto Contemporary, 2020