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Working in thin washes of acrylic, painter Laura Naples allows the ebb and flow of pigment to stream across her canvas surfaces. Catching in the fabric’s grain and gently guided with a range of foam and bristle brushes, her work relies on chance phenomenon to build her aqueous abstractions. Through this spontaneous process, Laura’s works capture movement, rhythm and the intangible qualities of the world around us.

Photos by Tiffany Joy Photography

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“My interest in painting lies in the practice of its evolving creation – one of faith in mystery in an inherently imperfect process – that reveals opportunities to cultivate calm amid energetic uncertainty through persistence and curiosity.”

— Laura Naples

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“In my work, poured marks of diluted acrylic punctuate graceful linear forms that are by turns deliberate and raw, patterned and variable.”

— Laura Naples

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“Intentional placement suggests a rhythm and offers a challenge to see connections.”

— Laura Naples

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“Working in her Cleveland studio, Naples creates gestural works in thin acrylic washes that probe the space between chaos and control. Her selective application of color offers further investigation in opposition, examining dark and light, spectral tone, and monochrome.”

— Design Within Reach

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