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Visit with Kayla Plosz Antiel

Kayla Plosz Antiel talks us through he process of starting her layered works and their affinity to traditional handicrafts.

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“Lately I’ve been inspired by traditional handicraft. In particular, I love quilting and folk-art, not only because of the intricate beauty of the finished objects themselves, but also because of the detail and method of their making. There’s something lovely about art that is slowly and meticulously made: it requires focus, mindful repetition, and a sort of careful physical handling.”

— Kayla Plosz Antiel

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“Most paintings begin with only a color palette in mind. I tone the paper with large soft brushes and a foam roller that often leaves a pleasant paint 'bubbling' texture on the surface. While the paper is still wet, I use a smaller brush to create some marks or drawings—which are often random and pull inspiration from my surroundings, interests, or memories.”

— Kayla Plosz Antiel

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“Since becoming a mother and, thus, becoming acutely aware of time—never having enough time coupled with moments that seemingly won’t end or paradoxically the fleeting notion that time moves too fast—I’ve become very interested in a process of making that is slow and deliberate while embodying, in light of children, a sort of playfulness and joy.”

— Kayla Plosz Antiel

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