Inside the Studio

Visit with Hayley Sheldon

We visit Hayley Sheldon to learn about her vetting process for new shapes and how she chooses the colors that go into her work.

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“These specific shapes were chosen to all work with one another in a way that seemed balanced and shared similar dimensions, but that could also give me the freedom to make dynamic compositions. I feel like I put a new shape almost through a vetting process when deciding wether or not it should be become part of the 'vocabulary.' It has to strike me as essential in some way, either necessary to move the group forward or feel right on its own, speaking something new that other shapes in the group don’t.”

— Hayley Sheldon

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“Before any weaving is done, I plan out all of the colors in the palette. Since I’m usually creating these pieces in batches, after I settle on a palette that feels right to represent the specific points of inspiration I’m drawing from, I give color 'assignments' to each shape in the batch, based on what color they seem to want to be. Changes are sometimes made along the way but most of the time I work in a methodical manner, and complete a stage of making on all pieces before moving on to the next.”

— Hayley Sheldon

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