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I'm increasingly inspired by fleeting moments and gentle transitions in the natural world. The slow growth of plant life, the gentle shift of sunset to dusk, etc. Visually these moments can be vibrant and bold, but still hold a rhythm that requires a stillness to detect.

Hayley Sheldon

About the Artist


Hayley Sheldon (b. 1984) is a West Palm Beach, Florida-based multidisciplinary sculptor and installation artist. With a focus on tactility and color, Hayley’s shaped screens explore fleeting experiences of the natural world, like the slow growth of plant life and the gentle shift of sunset to dusk. Distilled to discrete shapes and palettes, these individual pieces can be arranged and reconfigured to suit multiple installations and story-telling opportunities.

News and Notables
  • Exhibited at The Palm Beach Cultural Council, 2024

  • Featured in Women Artists Weaving Tales of Life at Miramar Cultural Center, 2024

  • Exhibited at Mindy Solomon Gallery, 2023