Artist Hayley Sheldon works on a thread-based work at a table at MacArthur Place.

As part of our ongoing artist-in-residence series with MacArthur Place, Hayley Sheldon makes the Sonoma property her home for a week. While in California, Hayley plans to allow the landscape to inspire and inform her new series of shaped screens.



  • Hayley SheldonWest Palm Beach, FL

    Hayley Sheldon (b. 1984) is a West Palm Beach, Florida-based multidisciplinary sculptor and installation artist. With a focus on tactility and color, Hayley’s shaped screens explore fleeting experiences of the natural world, like the slow growth of plant life and the gentle shift of sunset to dusk. Distilled to discrete shapes and palettes, these individual pieces can be arranged and reconfigured to suit multiple installations and story-telling opportunities.

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MacArthur Place

29 E MacArthur Street

Sonoma, CA


Feb 19, 2023-Feb 24, 2023


Open StudioFeb 22, 2023