Inside the Studio

Visit with Ferris McGuinty

Cornwall, UK-based artist Ferris McGuinty creates delicately balanced, pared-down compositions of found materials. We look at his process and talk about precision, symbiosis, and how working between multiple works pulls everything together.

Photos by Kathryn Tyler

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“I feel like precision is playing a larger role in my current practice. The balancing act between the notions of form, color, line, and texture creates a tension in the work which demands an element of precision.”

— Ferris McGuinty

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“I generally always have a number of works in progress at one time in the studio. This means if I hit a wall with any of them, I move onto the next. Quite often, the works feed themselves. I usually come back to the ones I’ve shelved with refreshed thoughts informed through the process of making other works.”

— Ferris McGuinty

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“ I think that paring back to the basic principles serves to condense elements of these varying influences. What the work reflects through these connections isn’t a conscious reference, it’s more a symbiosis.”

— Ferris McGuinty

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