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The making process can often be dynamic and chaotic. In this respect, it is more about finding an elemental parity, that feeling of rightness. It's more a precision of seeing as opposed to measuring.

Ferris McGuinty

About the Artist


Ferris McGuinty (b. 1978) maintains a sculptural practice that pays homage to his multiple artistic outputs. His work primarily explores the relationship between material, form, and balance through the use of humble materials such as stone, wire and wood. Carefully poised and delicately balanced, his sculptures offer a reflection of the fragility of the world that surrounds us. Ferris’s application of bright colors and dynamic patterns summon a whimsical mood rather than convey any one message. Their ordinary and unpretentious qualities draw upon a certain kind of simple beauty.

News and Notables
  • Exhibited at After Nyne Contemporary, 2018

  • Profiled in Sight Unseen, 2015

  • Dennis Mitchell Memorial Award Recipient, 2000