Inside the Studio

Visit with Eltono

We visit Eltono at his Belvès studio where he creates his sculptures and works on paper. Inspired by chance, happenstance and coincidence, his works are generated through the aid of a CNC router transformed into a drawing machine. By relying on the machine’s mechanical plotting of drawn coordinates, there is a remove between the artist and the artwork which allows the work to generate autonomously.

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“Over the years, while searching for ways to connect my work in the public space with my studio practice, I became obsessed with randomness and constraint - with the unknown and the loss of control. This allowed me to develop a unique, innovative process that provides an antidote to control.”

— Eltono

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“I need constraints to trigger the creative process; I need to know what I can’t do, what I can’t use. Surrounded by these boundaries I find myself at ease to further develop an idea. ”

— Eltono

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“When working in my studio, my generative pieces are created with the aid of a few different tools. Like my generative murals, I start by writing a protocol, a list of rules. I apply this generative workflow to sculptures, drawings, paintings, assemblages and prints. I found the process of silk screen printing very interesting to play with. I like to define a few shapes and then play with the colors and the screens to obtain more combinations.”

— Eltono

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“Instead of fully controlling the creative process, I really enjoy being an observer of my creations and accepting unpredictable outcomes.”

— Eltono

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