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Working with brightly-hued shapes and systems, artist Christian Nguyen uses geometric abstraction as a means of storytelling. His latest paintings pare down his use of shapes and tonal range to create selective compositions valuing an economy of color and form.

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“I began my studio practice as an installation artist – making environments and rooms that focused on a specific media. This developed into a series of architectural drawings which were made on a scale that made perspective an immersive experience.”

— Christian Nguyen

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Artwork pictured: An Impression of Sound

“I began using paint as a medium because I wanted to explore what was on the surface of the wall, and a canvas is an extension of this wall.”

— Christian Nguyen

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Artwork pictured: Closer
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Artwork pictured: Dance Partner
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Artwork pictured: Dance Partner

“This painting explores a new direction in my work in which the architectural forms become more gestural. I am currently inspired by calligraphy and arabesques.”

— Christian Nguyen

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Artwork pictured: Saquenay

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