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Visit with Alex Proba

Multidisciplinary artist, designer and founder of Proba Studio, Alex Proba takes us on a virtual tour of her Portland, Oregon studio. Originally destined to attend dental school, Alex followed her heart and attended design school in Hamburg, Germany, going on to create works that have graced the surfaces of pools, rugs, tables and textiles. Drawing inspiration from sources as diverse as the imagined inner-lives of plants, Brothers Grimm fairy tales, memory and the Memphis design movement, Alex creates bold patterns rife with color and humor. She shows us the newest pieces in her painting practice.

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“My work is a celebration of color and pattern, which I would see as a positive stimulation of the senses. I try to be inspired by more than the visuals of the everyday, such as sounds or smells, or even memories.”

— Alex Proba

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“Sometimes it’s when you zoom out that everything comes in to focus. From this vantage we can see that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

— Alex Proba

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“I try to do things that make me happy and that might make someone else happy as well.”

— Alex Proba

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“I love materials, from researching their properties, to touching and seeing them. In general, it isn’t necessarily visual inspiration that brings out an idea in me; it can be far more abstract than that.”

— Alex Proba

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