I am often inspired by the idea of zooming out and looking at the landscape from afar. The world is a puzzle in which each of the pieces have a specific purpose and yet many common themes can be found throughout.

Alex Proba

About the Artist

Artist Alex Proba in her studio.

Alex Proba’s multidisciplinary practice evokes a reverence for life’s quiet moments. Using her surroundings as the main source of inspiration in her work, she draws from sensory and visual information to intimate the experience of finding beauty and joy in unexpected places. Born in Germany, Proba studied Spatial Design at Akademie Mode & Design Hamburg, Germany, and then Contextual Design at the Design Academy Eindhoven, Netherlands.

News and Notables
  • Gemstone Groceries, solo exhibition at Stephanie Chefas, 2022

  • Featured in 200 Trunks, 200 Visionaries curated by the Louis Vuitton Foundation, 2022

  • Tomorrow Land public art installation at Design Miami, 2021

  • Founder of the multidisciplinary design studio, Studio Proba, 2013