Inside the Studio

#UAtakeover with Jaime Derringer

Check out the studio of Uprise artist and Design Milk founder Jaime Derringer, as she guides us through her process on our ninth #UATakeover.

Photos by Jaime Derringer

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“Most of my current work has been indirectly influenced by graphic design and art from the 1980s and 1990s, essentially the years of my childhood and adolescence. I am also very inspired by graffiti and urban artwork. These pieces tend to get a little crazy, with lots of layers, 3D effects, spray paint and collage. I’m inspired by laser beams, crystals, and gemstones, tentacles, celebrations and party decor, grids and lines, planes and dimensionality, and overall visual chaos. These pieces start with some simple color and each part builds onto the next. It’s all very reactive. I think I like doing these pieces because they allow me to be at the mercy of the art. I spend most of my day planning and organizing, so it’s nice to let go of all of that.”

— Jaime Derringer

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“I love sculpture and have been experimenting quite a bit with making things out of wood, wool and random items I pick up at the home improvement and party goods store. I haven’t quite found the perfect mix of materials yet, but the experiments have been a lot of fun thus far.”

— Jaime Derringer

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