Abstract, colorful paintings installed on a white wall in artist Diana Delgado's studio.

Diana Delgado invites us inside her Yonkers studio and gives us a closer look at her gestural abstract paintings.

Artist Diana Delgado wearing headphones and wearing plastic blue gloves while painting a large, abstract work.
A dark blue painting with abstract balloons by artist Diana Delgado in her studio.

My process consists of starting with a number of layered, sweeping gestures that are then built upon. Paint is added and subtracted until the painting is complete.

Diana Delgado

Abstract paintings of various sizes on the floor and installed on the wall in artist Diana Delgado's studio/
Artist Diana Delgado in the studio standing amongst her colorful, gestural abstract paintings.
A gestural, abstract painting with yellow balloons by artist Diana Delgado installed on a white wall in her studio.

I have been playing around with letting line drawings of recognizable imagery remain somewhere in the picture or just plopping them right on top of the painting. This includes balloons, bows, ribbons, legs, and nostalgic Christmas and childhood things. It has been liberating to include the silly and frivolous in a more obvious way. I also have been making interior and exterior corners in which these items exist.

Diana Delgado

An abstract heart painting by artist Diana Delgado speckled with white paint splatters.
Artist Diana Delgado painting large, abstract gestural paintings in her Yonkers studio.