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Tony on "Decade"

For his solo exhibition Rubin:Decade, Tony Sjöman created a site-specific mural titled Decade. Tony filled us in on the balance between planning and improvisation, from shapes and composition to the final colors, for his newest mural.

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“There has to be a creative challenge for every project. In this case, I wanted to keep the project loosely based as a collaborative effort with Uprise Art throughout the entire process from initial talks and sketches to the finished show.”

— Tony Sjöman

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“ Majority of the work is improvised on site. ”

— Tony Sjöman

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“A lot of time goes into figuring out the right color for the right shape.”

— Tony Sjöman

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“I keep changing the palette in my mind several times before starting to paint. Even when I start painting, the colors usually change. The murals tend to have a life on their own and I try and follow along as best I can.”

— Tony Sjöman

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