Inside the Studio

Laura on 'Gems'

Laura Berman invites us into her sunny, garage-turned-studio to get a closer look at her luminous prints and learn about how she mixes unique color combinations.

Photos courtesy of Lindsay Clipner / GYPSY Creative

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“Like slowly growing facets, my ‘Gems’ series of monoprints is built with multiple layers of shapes and tones of color. Each image synchronizes into its own multi-dimensional, organic and abstract shape that lives between worlds of light and shadow, solidity and fluidity, color and form.”

— Laura Berman

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“There is only minimal pre-planning to my work, and I purposefully embrace possibility in how my images come together. Colors, compositions, and number of layers are all decided in the printing process itself, which maximizes chance happenings in my work.”

— Laura Berman

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“Everything I do with color is improvisational, and each image I make has its own personality of unique color combinations. Working with an endless array of colors is one of my very favorite parts of making prints.”

— Laura Berman

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