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Fitzhugh on large-scale installations

Fitzhugh Karol’s large scale sculpture installations in wood and metal span galleries and public parks. We catch up with the sculptor on his process, some recent projects, and how parks are the great equalizers of cities.

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“Public art, especially in parks is really the ideal place for the sculptures I want to create. I love a high level of interaction with a work. Parks are the great equalizers of our cities - you have all walks of life in a park on a given day, a thousand different backgrounds and all with unique imaginations.”

— Fitzhugh Karol

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“My process is fairly simple at its core. Typically I have a flash of an idea, a combination of shapes, a landscape or just a feeling that I want to realize and a material choice will illuminate itself. Sometimes my work is subtractive - I have a large timber and I remove material until satisfied.”

— Fitzhugh Karol

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“ My process is about keeping up with an internal energy and reflecting that energy in sculptural variations. My Godfather, a sculptor who I looked up to greatly, once said to me casually, 'You've got to follow the juice' and in many ways that's what my creative process is - passionate pursuit of a constant yet ever-evolving juice. It's a serious pursuit but it's about play and it's about joy.”

— Fitzhugh Karol

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“Public art is vital to the vibrancy of any city landscape and art in our parks takes it a step further, allowing people to be around art when their guard is down, when they're free.”

— Fitzhugh Karol

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