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Erin Lynn Welsh on "Botany Mono 50"

Crafted with zero VOC paints, Erin Lynn Welsh created an eco-conscious mural for the lobby of Anagram NoMad with Roman clay paint, exterior paint, joint compound and polycrylic. Inspired by her ongoing Botany Mono series, the mural, titled Botany Mono 50, features floral arrangements molded out of thickly layered joint compound and paint to place an emphasis on surface quality, light and color relationships.

Photos courtesy of Erin Lynn Welsh & Alan Tansey

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“Through her 'Botany Mono' series, Erin Lynn Welsh encourages us to meditate on the tangible and symbolic gifts flowers can offer.”

— Uprise Art

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“For this particular series, my focus was on how you can take the symbolism of flowers representing the transition of life and death.”

— Erin Lynn Welsh

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Photo by Alan Tansey
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Photo by Alan Tansey
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Photo by Alan Tansey
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Photo by Alan Tansey

“These floral paintings are for those who have passed and those who are present with us. This work is not just about mourning, it's about how a single flower can make a person feeling blue feel loved again.”

— Erin Lynn Welsh

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